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Best ways to Study Biology

Best ways to Study Biology

Biology is the study of living organisms which includes their chemical and physical structure, function, evolution, and development. The term biology is derived from Greek words “bios” means (life) and “logos” means (study). There are nine fields of biology and each one of them has multiple subfields.

  1. Biochemistry: It deals with the study of chemical processes within and related to living organisms
  2. Botany: Study of plants.
  3. Cellular Biology: It deals with the study of structures and functions of the cell
  4. Zoology: It is the branch of biology which deals with the study of the animal kingdom.
  5. Molecular Biology: It deals with the study of structure and function of the macromolecules
  6. Physiology: Deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts
  7. Genetics: It is the study of genes and genetic variation.
  8. Ecology: Study of interactions among organisms and their environment.
  9. Evolutionary Biology: The study of origins and changes.
Here in this article, we will give you some simple tips and tricks which will help you to study biology in a very different and effective way.  Studying in these ways will also help you in scoring better marks in the school examinations as well as in competitive examinations.

Learn Terminologies:
One of the toughest parts in studying biology is remembering and understanding of different terms. Always try to understand what you are studying, familiarize yourself with all the terms which come under your syllabus. The best way to understand these terminologies is to break down these complex words.
For example: While studying biology you encountered a word “ blood group” it means types of blood or groups of blood.

Whenever you encounter a new and unfamiliar word while studying biology you should note it down and try to find its definition.

Study from basic to advance:
To learn biology in an effective way you must master the basic concepts first. For example, you need to understand what factors identify an amphibian before starting the factors that identify larvae.

It is advised to master the basics before you start advancing to the next level.

Use the Biology Laboratory:
Put your theoretical knowledge into practice by using the biology laboratory whenever it is possible to access the lab. In the biology laboratory, you can test your inference and prove your theories. Learning the things practically helps you to remember and understand the facts easily.

Using drawings can help you understand and remember information very easily. One should get used to drawings such as female reproductive system, as you will be asked to label or to draw diagrams in your biology examination.

Previous Year Questions
Practice previous year questions as practicing previous year question will give you an idea of what kind of questions are asked in the examination, what the marking scheme and questions paper pattern is. Practicing previous year question Paper also helps you to evaluate yourself. 

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