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How to Speak English Fluently With Correct Grammar | Best Ways

How to Speak English Fluently With Correct Grammar

Hello, there! How are you doing today? In this easy-to-understand guide, you will be learning the tips on “How to Speak English Fluently with Correct Grammar” so that your friends/mates have to stop laughing at you because they have a hallucination that you cannot speak or learn English effectively. Once thing you must understand about ‘English’ is that it is really a ‘Weird’ language and I don’t deny it. Words don’t just come easily, you have to put some efforts for them to come out. We normally hear people talking about this situation when people have to run out of the words (lack of vocabulary power) and they get interruptions in their conversations.
For all such friends, we have overlaid the best tips to help them easily (not effortlessly because everything requires an effort) learn the way of speaking English fluently. So, let’s get started and know what the tips are that you can use with regard to “How to Speak English Fluently with Correct Grammar”. By making use of the “Tips/Tricks” mentioned below, you will be getting the upper hands over those who used to make fun of you.

1. Read Newspaper Daily

By doing this exercise, you will increase the knowledge of “What’s Trending Nowadays” and this will boost your confidence since you are now aware of the happenings, not only around you but also around the World.
If you are a newbie and trying to speak too fast, you are doing wrong. You, especially in the beginning stage of learning English, should not make haste while talking to somebody in English.

2. Be Confident

Confidence plays an important role in everything you do, whether it is about playing a game, doing magic tricks, having a race with someone, so will it play in talking to someone in English language. If you are confident that you can do it, you will certainly have the ability to do even if you may not have it in the beginning.

3. Listen Carefully

Some people think that to “Speak Fluently”, you should only focus on the “Vocals”, I know what that means but it does not mean that should not pay attention to the person who is talking to you. You can reply in a proper way if and only if you “listen to what that person is saying”.

4. Find the Answer to the Question

Wait…, what the heck this is about? How can you find an answer to the question? Well, you can do this if all care is taken. Questions that starts with words like “Does”, “Do”, “Is”, “Can”, “Could”, etc., have the answer in them. How will you get them? Consider the following:
Does he play in the morning?
Yes, he does!
Do you go to the market every day?
Yes, I do!
Can you do that?
Yes, I can!
As you can see in the table above, the questions start with the interrogative words like “Does”, “Do”, and “Can” and you can see them in the “Answers” too.

5. Speak in front of the Mirror

This is another way of boosting your confidence plus this will give an idea on “How to stand while talking to someone” and you will be building your personality by doing this.

6. Get a Partner

Speaking to oneself helps only when you do this often, but if you start doing this every day, you will get bored and your creativity will start fading away. To overcome this, you will need to have a “Partner”. A partner with good “Speaking Skills” will really pay you off. If you cannot find a good partner, make use of the “conversation exchange websites”.

7. Learn Phrases, not just Individual Words

The reason why we tend to forget words even after memorising them is that we just learn words and not the phrases. When you learn just a single word, the chances of forgetting it more but when learn “Group of Words”, it sticks on your mind.

8. Don’t Study Grammar Too Much!

You should not focus on the “Grammar” too much because it will affect your speaking skills because what you rather have to keep in mind while speaking is your vocabulary power. I’m not saying that you should restrict the “Use of Grammar”. We highly recommend you not to study grammar too much because it is going to make you slow down.

9. Be Creative

What we actually mean from “Be Creative” is that you should stop using the same answer when someone asks you a question. To be creative to answer the asked questions in different ways. You can take help from “Transitions Words” and “Synonyms”.

10. Don’t worry about Making Mistakes

You are a human and humans make mistakes. If you are making mistakes, in the beginning, you are not alone – many people do. So, if you are going through this situation, don’t be afraid. Be with those people who believe in positivity or are optimistic.
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Hope you have understood the tips and will follow them easily to boost you English. We can guarantee that you will be able to speak English fluently with these tips. However, if you have any question on “How to Speak English Fluently with Correct Grammar”, feel free to submit them here. We will be happy helping you because we always care about our users. 

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