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Career in Commerce After 12th | Best Course for Commerce Students

Career in Commerce After 12th

Commerce is a very wide field in which the common man, seller, businessman do business. Commerce is related with the buying and selling of goods and services at large scale and small scale. Anything that involves buying and selling of goods and services with a motive of business and to earn profit and revenue is all included in commerce. Today the commerce has widely spread all over the world. If we look around everyone is running to earn a profit by doing business. Commerce is a large source of income for the people all around the universe.

Scope of Commerce

Commerce is all related to the business world and economy. Commerce studies how to earn a profit at minimum cost.  It tells how to produce for whom to produce and what to produce in order to get maximum satisfaction. Today’s generation is looking forward to doing business, nobody wants to work with anybody and to move towards the business one must be specialised in the field of commerce. Most of the students are opting for commerce in their 11th and 12th. The students wish to pass out their senior secondary education with the background of commerce. The students who take commerce must not be aware of Career in Commerce After 12th. There are numerous courses students can go for after completing the senior secondary education from commerce. There are a number of career options in commerce after 12th.

Numerous Courses After Senior Secondary Education

Students who have completed their 12th can go for various courses such as:
B.com (Pass): students who are 12th passed out are eligible to go forward to do B.com i.e. bachelor of commerce, it includes a number of subjects such as marketing, finance, accounting, maths, economics, etc. It makes the student study the subjects related to the business field after B.Com students can go for the MBA i.e. Masters of Business Administration after the completion of graduation and post-graduation in commerce filed students can get very good package placement in companies.
B.com (Hons): B.Com Hons. is related to the speciality of students in the particular subjects. Students gather information about a number of subjects related to commerce like income tax, customs duty, different types of accounting, etc. They get knowledge about various subjects related to the economy and how the economy functions.
B.A. (Pass): Bachelor of Arts is the subject that studies about the theoretical subjects like English, Hindi, Political science, etc. it makes the student aware of the political system of the country after pursuing B.A. students can go for the masters.
B.A. (Hons.): This course contains the speciality in the particular subject. Students get to know complete knowledge about that subject. Its applicability in various filed and importance and how it works. The subjects are listed below Economics, Maths, Psychology, English, Social science, etc. and also in different languages.
CA: Chartered Accountant is very necessary for the company to appoint. It is the basic thing which every developed company must have. It is the very good professional course. It has a wide scope.
CS: Company Secretary
Fashion designing: It is a professional course. It has a very wide scope, students who want to carry their career in the fashion world and the designer world must opt for this fashion designing course.
Hospitality Management: Hospitality management studies and trains the students about the management in the hotels. There are big hotels who needs well-trained and well-qualified employees.
BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration studies and teaches the students about the business world, how the business continued and what must be the policies and objectives to run a good business.
BCA: Bachelor of Computer Application has a very wide scope in the field of technology, computers, Information Technology. Students who accomplish BCA can go for MCA and after that, the students get good placement and high post job in various IT companies.
BAF: Bachelors in Accounting and Finance
BFM: Bachelors of Financial Markets
B.Sc.: It is a good course and the students who completed their 12th with commerce can go for B.Sc. as it is related to science than also students can go to this stream.

There are still a number of courses students can go for after completing 12th with commerce background. Commerce has a large scope in every field of work. Students pursuing a degree in Commerce field will not get disappointed in the field of employment.

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